“Be” The example


The Father warned us of the importance of maintaining your contact with His Spirit regardless of having to deal with the things of the world going on in day to day life.

” See how easily the distractions of the world can overtake you and halt your progress. These two weeks should not have passed without any dialogue between us. The fact that people ‘of the world ‘ were staying in your home should have meant even more prayer taking place, not less. Thankfully your example of lifestyle did not waiver and that has definitely impacted upon these people.

Just remember the importance of our continuous contact. The conduit for our communication is My Holy Spirit, so make sure you are in the full measure of His presence at all times. You see how the enemy uses things like alcohol to blind the eyes of the lost. A lot of their time is spend in a haze , recovering from the previous days abuse. This dulls the mind and creates a shield against the presence of the Holy Spirit ; they did not call it ‘the demon drink’ for nothing. Indulgence into its depths always brings separation from the Lord for a believer and blindness to the Lord for those that are lost.

Return to your formula now and strive to make sure that when accommodating travelers or guests, that your schedule remains in tact. If you have to adjust timings, do so, but do not sacrifice your positioning for the convenience of others. There is much to look forward to, a season of astounding blessings is about to unfold. Reach forward, hear My voice and be prepared for the responsibility.”


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