Do not gamble with time


“You shrink from accountability and record keeping for fear that it may reveal the reality of your progress. The sand still runs through the hour-glass and stands still for no-one. I will not extend a man’s days without purpose says the LORD. Fill the days with purpose and passion to pursue it and enjoy the fruit of the Psalm that declares the satisfaction of long life.

Whenever you have been employed by the world and have been asked to give an accounting of your actions so that your results could be analyzed, you have complied. How much more should your complicity be assured of with regard to carrying out My tasks?

I am the God of order and structure and precision. Everything is about the numbers, because I created the numbers.

All truth and all creation are contained in My living Word which includes the names and the positioning and the meaning of the numbers. The numbers never lie. They always reveal the exactness of the situation. A man without accountability is a wild man with no direction. To whom will you choose to be accountable? To the world who offer nothing other than lies leading to ultimate destruction?

Look at the magnificence in the precision, accuracy and infallible life giving truth in My Words. I worked all these matters through set apart holy ones who were accountable to Me. Those who remained set apart were blessed throughout their days. Those who chose to be accountable to others, turning themselves from Me, were required to pay the price for their disloyalty. Bring your results before me each day . Let us together consider the fruit of the day and order your steps for the next.

Make no mistake, there will be those at the appointed time who protest ignorance as their defense. ‘I did not realize that I could spend time everyday under Your wing, under Your guidance, asking Your direction and Your advice. Do not now judge the work that I did in my own strength because I never knew any better!’ Lies, all lies declares The LORD. Ignorance is no defense and the judgment is sure and fair for everyone. To those whom is given much, much is expected.

Consider this ; if everything you do is not carried out under My anointing, with the guidance of My Spirit and the assistance of My assigned messengers, how much wood, hay and stubble would be added to your foundation? Yes, the answer is obvious and painfully so. The fallen nature which abides in all men will rebel at the concept of dedicated and complete service. After all, it can only use you to pursue his plans when you are not serving Me.  The battle for control of your temple wages incessantly . It does not stop and will never stop until it is ultimately redeemed.

Vigilance is therefore imperative says the LORD, your records will bring your attention to potential holes in your hedge before they ever appear.

Your numbers will help you to maintain your flow. They will cause a buildup of your faith that will increase your confidence in your divine calling. You will walk more fully in the power of the anointing that is upon,  making provision for greater and greater measures. It will compel you to keep your armour in peak pristine condition at all times and the edge of your sword will be sharpened to a supernatural level that can cut through anything in the natural or the supernatural.

You will be more easily able to ascend and descend with the tools and keys that you require when you walk in the confidence of your positioning. In a remote place, whether by compass or the stars, a man needs to know his numbers to be sure of his positioning. Be only on My time table, My dates and times. My seasons and appointed times are the only things that have any connection to reality. Everything else is a lie and a deception.

Just as you have to know precisely what you do with every unit of money that flows through your possession, you need to have the same diligent accounting of the use of the heavenly currency, your time.

Every moment is precious. It is the only resource that there cannot be more of, so cherish it accordingly. Know where and how you are spending it.

As you know, there will come a day of reckoning when the fruit of how you spent it will be inspected. Why risk a surprise? Daily reckoning will allow you to keep a full awareness of your positioning at all times. It will equip you to make adjustments and to pursue your hope of election with more confidence than ever.

Why would I make rewards available if I would not encourage you to strive to attain them? You cannot enter into the rest before the appointed time of the rest. On the 8th day comes the eternal rest from everything. Until then keep account and work. I declared to ‘bless the work of your hands’, not the ‘rest’ of your hands. I told you to ‘work out ‘ your salvation, not to ‘rest’ it out. I said that ‘faith without works is dead’ not ‘faith without rest’ !

Rest from working in your own strength! Which is BOTH fruitless and pointless and leads only to destruction. NO work of the flesh ever produced righteousness. A seed can only produce after its kind.

Rather present yourselves as willing vessels ready to work under the guidance of My Spirit; to bear fruit that you can offer up as a pleasing fragrance and add to the structure of your platform with gold, silver and precious stones.

Resting inappropriately before the appointed time is like the ‘folding of the hands’. It adds wood, hay and stubble to your foundation,  because ‘so much as you did not do to these the least of Mine, you did not do unto Me’.  Wrong action and no action look exactly the same and produce the same fruit.

You have to push through and perfect this so that you can teach it. The tools are all available, just come up and get them, then put them into immediate action”


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