Control the tongue, perfect your thinking

YAHUWAH ( “the Lord”) gave us these 2 teachings after we were kept stumbling over the issue of ” speaking without thinking”

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“How easy we compromise our values to suit to ways of the world. A little untruth here, a small lie there. What then the price of honesty? says Yahuwah.

Maybe protecting the feelings of others is not always the benefit you suppose it to be. Perhaps exposing their error, gently but accurately would be of more benefit. What is our mission? To be pleasing in the sight of people or to gain the approval of the Almighty God? What treasures do we lay up by allowing another to continue in their own deception? What fruit do we produce by becoming an accessory to the misdirection of another believer? Oh we can just leave them to go their own way, after all, is that not better than risking that we may cause them some offence? There is no mystery here. The duty of all race runners is to separate themselves from worldly values. Only worldly wisdom operates without correction and in the realm of fear. Usually this fear stems from the desire not to lose approval.

If you are truly seeking after the kingdom, then every seed planted either literally from your increase or metaphorically through your words and deeds, must be the finest seed. It must be that which was kept back from the best of the best. Remember the immovable laws of the universe that “like has to produce like”? If your seed is carefully set aside and skillfully planted it will produce fruit of unimaginable quality.

Realise the folly of planting seeds of corruption. However you justify your motive, you cannot change the nature of the seed. A seed sown in corruption, or with insincerity, will produce more of the same and such a vicious cycle of iniquity is difficult to break. Just as one grain of wheat could eventually produce a huge field of amber grain, one corrupt or iniquitous seed can perpetuate itself throughout your race. It will produce copious quantities of wood hay and stubble that will be heaped upon your foundation.

Consider that every word you speak is a seed. If you fully understood that every word you speak being a seed has to go forth and sprout, would you change some of the things you say?

Make no mistake, this is exactly the case. This is why I give so much instruction about the power of the tongue. An unbridled tongue can scatter a handful of corrupt seed into a field of the finest grain and destroy that whole field in a short space of time. The wise husbandman will choose his seeds carefully and with deep understanding of the importance of its quality. The serious kingdom seeker needs to be of the same heart with both the seeds of his income, but more importantly with the verbal seeds spoken into existence on a daily basis.

Yes it is very difficult to control the tongue. To do so, you must first control your thoughts, as the tongue only issues forth that which is in your mind.

In your mind there are often remnants of your old nature with which you were born, the spirit of this world, that is the mind of this world. This is the mind that is willing to accept all possibilities, the mind that constantly nurtures that old carnal spirit by feeding upon the abundance of misdirection offered by the world.

You now live in a world in which murdering unborn children is not only acceptable, a law has been put in place protecting a persons right to commit such murder. These are example of the fruits of being ‘broad minded’ or ‘open minded’. This teaching of the acceptance of such things has brought and will continue to bring much destruction and will cause many to stumble.

How can anyone hope to control the tongue, an instrument of the mind without first controlling what they think?

You think about what you see, you think about what you hear. Consequently, the more you restrict what you see and hear to things that are consistent with My plan for your life, the more you will think about these things. The more you think about these things,the more you will talk of these things and speak these seeds into existence.

The lesson here is the difficulty of thinking. It has been said that ‘Thinking is the hardest work in the world’ This is of course true and now you have a clear understanding as to why it is so difficult. It is not the thinking (per se) that is so hard, it is thinking about the ‘right things’ that is the key. Your wisdom should tell you that you can only think about the things that you bring into your mind. Although you are bombarded with new information every day, you can choose what information you wish to absorb. You can decide what to present to your mind as a platter from which it can feed.

There is a simple system that will help you perfect this. Consider your actions before you take them. Why do you think the world has always been so concerned with the encouragement of spontaneity and broadmindedness? Because the enemy knows what havoc it will wreak.

Consider then every action and ask yourself ‘will planting this seed bear fruit that will be of value in the coming Kingdom’? If the answer is ‘no’ do not plant that seed, for if you do, you do so at your own peril. A race runner that has to spend time every day weeding out the shoots of sprouting ‘disasters’ that he himself has previously sown, trying to gather up the new seeds before they can multiply, is wasting time and making no progress.

Just the right consideration before talking or acting is incredibly valuable. How often does one perfect thinking? Remove yourself from the pace of this world. Operate at the ‘pace’ of My set-apart Spirit. Practice the skill of thinking. Ask My Spirit to order your mind, so that you are not distracted by the constant assault on the senses by the things of the world.

Fellowship with like minded spiritfilled believers. They will converse about the deep meaningful meat of My Word. Fellowship with frivolous people and they will talk frivolously. Those deceived by the riches of this world will talk incessantly about money and deals.

Oh it is not an easy place to be, of this there is no doubt. That is why true race runners have to suffer with Me. It is so alien to the carnal mind to consider such drastic withdrawal from the world. Does this not clearly speak as to why so few will be chosen? From the start, even the called are relatively few in number. The chosen a tiny percentage of those , and  the faithful? Well only those able to conquer the challenge of controlling the ‘thinking man’ and therefore bridling the tongue and their actions, can even aspire to have hope of being among that number.

I tell you all this not to fill you with despair of the difficulty of the path ahead, but to fill you with hope. Such a man will reach a place that most of the called will never even get to. The place where you absolutely ‘know that you know’ precisely what is required of you. You know exactly what needs to be done to run the race in the way that you truly want to run it. Difficult? without doubt. Possible? Of course, because ALL things are possible through Me.

If your thoughts are constantly directed towards the things of Me, My Spirit will keep them in order. Your words and actions will be controlled and your fruit will be righteous and abundant. This is a powerful revelation says Yahuwah, so that My children can be prepared for the real beginning of their journey”


“I want to encourage you says Yahuwah. Know that the victory is already in place. You just have to move into its realm. Do not spend time considering the difficulty of the task ahead, spend time concentrating on the next step, at that moment ,which will keep you on the  track for that moment. These moments will become hours, then days, then weeks and ultimately life will become a ‘flow’ of empowered moments. This will bring much joy into your life and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and connectivity.

Consider every decision and action. Ask yourself if that moment will ‘continue the flow or hinder the flow?’. Based on the answer you will know  if the action is empowering or not.

Keep refining the art of thinking. This can be your greatest level of communication. Also learn more about consideration .Do not be in a hurry to speak until you have considered what you are about to say. Are those words going to be productive in an empowering way? If not, do not bring them to life. If you do, you will now have  to waste both time and effort in an attempt to gather up the negative fruit before it has the time to go rotten and has an adverse effect on all of your other fruit! Contrary to worldly opinion, one bad apple definitely can spoil all of the others. For this reason, consideration is a major skill that has to be practiced on a a daily basis..

People often think that a swift immediate response in some way is an indication of intellect. Quite the contrary, a swift response is often just a manifestation of the fact that a person was not truly listening to what was being said. They were formulating their answer as they were listening, looking for their opportunity to speak as soon as you stop. Learn not to do that. Master this art of consideration. Be truly present when others are speaking. Receive all of their words, consider them carefully, allow My Spirit to show you what they are really saying. Consider your response and then deliver it.

Some people may find this disconcerting at first. Having said that , your Holy Spirit directed answers will be accurate, insightful and powerful. People will be amazed at how every times they talk to you they feel renewed and uplifted by the conversation.

These then are the laws for effective conversation or rather the components.

  1. the anointing must be present. Pray the anointing over every conversation. Pray the protection of  My Spirit against any other spirit that may be accompanying the other person(s)
  2. Always let the other person speak first if possible. This will enable you to discern their spiritual reference point. The best way to cause this is by asking a ‘discovery’ question
  3. Abandoned any pre-conditioned listening. Hear only what the person is actually saying
  4. Employ consideration. Let your mind reiterate what they are saying  and consider the words that are coming up for your response
  5. Get validation from My Spirit before you respond. This is achieved by questioning before talking. Is this response empowering?
  6. Maintain authenticity. Resist the temptation to tell people what they want to hear. Speak the truth at all times. For if the truth sets you free, what then is accomplished by any other kind of speaking?

This formula for empowered conversation is therefore:

Anointing + discernment + listening+ consideration+ validation + authenticity = empowerment

This work requires much diligence , patience and practise. Once perfected, the results are incredible. It permits living from a totally new perspective. This is ‘enlightenment’ as sought after by so many. It cannot be discovered in the absence of  My Spirit, as otherwise  there is always something missing. This is why people think there are different ‘levels’ to enlightenment. There may be levels based on the sincerity and discipline of the individual ,but the whole will always be incomplete in the absence of spirit. Notice I just said ‘spirit’? A person can complete their enlightement with any kind of spirit , which puts those who pursue Me outside of  a foundation with Christ in great danger. They can and do become fully enlightened, but into a dark world of half truths and disconnected spirituality which will preclude them from running an effective race.

This is why example is so vitally important . People will be substancially more affected by what you ‘do’ as oppoased to what you say. Become people of great action and few words, such a person creates great change in the lives of others.”