Your body becomes whatever you put into it most says God. If you put into it high quality nurturing nutrients with live ingredients containing life, it will flourish. If you work at it through exercise, it will flourish, if you do the opposite you will produce the opposite results.

The same can be said of your spirit and soul, if you feed them on a world diet of bad news, conspiracies, fantasy, unholy images, the vain imaginations of men, lusts of the flesh , the deceitfulness of riches and the worries of this world-, then all that will be produced is stress and fear. A mentality of lack and scarcity then prevails. This in turn causes ‘reactions, rather than responses.

In turn infirmities appear in the physical realm causing more focus on that than on the solution, which is the life in My Word says Yahuawah ( “the Lord”) My Word is the food by which all things can be sustained, healed and nurtured. My Word is life itself. Those that feed on it will thrive abundantly, for to feed on it is to digest it and act upon its truths and instructions with unwavering faith. The more the Word is consumed, the bigger and stronger your faith will become. If you look at how the world assaults My people, in their physical bodies and in their spiritual person, it is all designed to allow the evil one to gain control over them and to keep them from the truth.

You are called to shine light upon the truth”

We have often been inconsistent with certain aspects of maintaining our physical health. The Father gave us this very specific warning against such neglect.

“Let us talk about physical health says Yahuwah. When the body is in its prime pristine condition, the mind is more perceptive, more fertile and alive. The body’s system fuels the thinking mind with life giving blood and oxygen. When the physical body is correctly maintained you will easily have the energy to carry out all of the tasks in an almost effortless manner. It is called the ‘temple’ and has to be treated accordingly. Physical exercise requires obedience just like spiritual exercise. It is almost as important in some aspects because a neglected physical body will grieve My Spirit and certainly reduce the effectiveness in working through you. It is a profound step in subduing the flesh also. The flesh does not want to be exercised and molded into something that you want. Top physical condition will naturally make it easier for you to operate at a higher standard in spiritual matters and of course the flesh would resist that vehemently. Knowing the importance of these matters how is it that some people would happily sit for hours every day in front of the television and yet spend no time training and conditioning their bodies?

I have discussed this matter with you on many occasions and not without cause. You are all at a stage in your earthly lives where you have to take firm control in the physical realm and take personal responsibility for the conditions of your physical bodies.

You alone determine what goes in, through your ears, eyes, nose and mouth. This is where ‘free will’ manifests in its most obvious form. You can entirely choose what you do to the physical body and in what condition you present it.

Remember that a prerequisite for all of My chosen children is to ‘let your light shine’ says Yahuwah.

The light struggles to shine when its fuel is low or the wick is not kept well trimmed.  There is no secret in this realm that you are yet to discover- you have been through the learning curve- you have all of the answers- proper diet, proper exercise and training , adequate rest and sleep.

It really is simple , all that is missing is the diligence and obedience to follow through on a decision.

Make a decision to pursue excellence in your physical health and appearance and then follow through on that decision.

Living supernatural lives requires your physical bodies to be stronger and fitter than those of people in the world. Supernatural activities are very demanding physically and you have to be prepared.

There will always be an excuse, a reason for starting at some future point, meanwhile the enemy is at work, weakening you further and you are less effective than you should be. Man will always reason to explain his ‘slothfulness’ just like in his spiritual walk. ‘oh we were traveling’ etc. Recognize these excuses for what they are.  They are lies keeping you from the fullness of the abundance available to you because they keep you out of obedience. Consider this, when you travel, I never hear you say ‘ oh we did not eat at all for 5 days, because we were traveling’ of course not, because you know that your body has to eat in order to stay alive. This is your flesh looking after itself at the most elementary level. Good job it is not as inconsistent as you!

So consider this, if you get the revelation that your spiritual food and the proper care of your physical body are just as vital as your drive to eat, you will never again fall into neglect or make these excuses for yourself.

You spend hours each day working on your business because you know that if you do not do this, your business will die. In other words, if you do not feed it and look after it properly it will cease to function the way you want it to. The same applies to your physical condition.

I am stressing this emphatically at this time because for all human bodies there is a ‘tipping point’ a point at which the damage and neglect done to the body makes it impossible to get it back to optimum level. You must take ACTION NOW to ensure that you do not reach such a point.

This course of action requires a decision followed by DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE.

Encourage each other in this endeavor, work together and make it enjoyable to thrive physically.

Mind body and spirit are all interdependent and you can determine the level at which they can complement each other by the choices you make, so choose wisely”


YAHUWAH spoke very strongly to us about “food vs fuel” for the body as nutrition. Food is anything that is classified ‘safe to eat’ ( thus 5 doughnuts , 5 times a day for 20 days, is classified as ‘a food’, but it is not ‘fuel’ to build your living cells to stay healthy and get the building blocks needed to repair damage.)

“The healthier you are able to keep your physical body the easier you will find it to stay under the anointing and be effective in the supernatural realm. Often physical weakness causes your attention to be focused inwardly on yourself which lets the flesh get control of your thinking.

You are also much more susceptible  to attack from the enemy as he knows that physical weakness will cause you to drop your guard.

His forces are always lurking in the shadows waiting for  their  opportunity to pounce. Be sure not to give them such an opportunity. Now that you have crossed over into the supernatural realm , that makes you more of a target so you must increase your vigilance and attention in this regard.


Food is not  fuel –make that your mantra and strive to look at it like that and your health will dramatically improve and your days will be extended.

“Exercise is Life” The human frame was designed to operate in a physical environment which on a daily basis would use all of the components keeping them honed and in pristine condition. The lifestyle into which mankind has evolved is almost the exact opposite and so the effect has been disastrous upon the bodies ability to function normally. Mans answer has been to create chemicals that will hide or repair the effects of the abuse but which is usually only achieved by ultimately replacing one problem with another.

Take ‘Fuel not Food’  and ‘exercise is life’ and you can add to it daily; fresh air and sunlight, plus one hour more sleep than you think you require and you have the recipe for the perfectly functioning human body says Yahuwah.


Now take the body and continuously fill it with an increasing measure of My Spirit and concentrate the mind to think on the things that I have ordained for your life, focus the eyes on the living Word which I am and the path to your own dreams will be clearly illuminated.

So? When will you be this person says God?

Are you waiting for some great sign? For there will be none.

Now is the hour says Yahuwah- every day lost is another that can never be regained.

A day without these ingredients weakens the body- a day with them strengthens it. The choice is yours.

Every time you look to put something in your mouth ask the question “ is this food or fuel”? Your body has to go through unnecessary stress to process food.

Fuel on the other hand builds strength and energy so the choice should be obvious.

The time you spend building the physical body is vitally important so give it due attention”