" The Son is the radiance of God's Glory
and the exact representation of His Being,
upholding all things by His powerful Word"

-- Hebrews 1 --


" ....So that your faith
might not rest on man's wisdom
but on God's power"

-- 1 Corinthians 2:5 --


" not by might, nor by power,
but by My Spirit says the LORD Almighty "
( says YaHuWaH of Hosts of the armies of heaven )

-- Zechariah 4:6 --


" because he loves Me, says
I will rescue him
I will protect him,
for he acknowledges My Name"

-- Psalm 91 --


"....for fear of His Splendour,
I could never do such things "

-- Job 31 --


" Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection.
The second death has no power over them"

--Revelations 20--


" then I saw a great white throne and Him who was seated on it.
Earth and sky fled from His Presence
and there was no place for them.
And I saw the dead, great and small standing
before the Throne and Books were opened"

--Revelations 20--


"...The LORD's unfailing love and mercy surrounds the man
who trusts in Him "
" YaHuWaH's unfailing love and mercy surrounds the man
who trusts in Him "

--Psalm 32--


Welcome to the “The In – Amen Project”, ..


p-transThe In-Amen Project

After literally decades of church going we were never taught about the importance of the coming Kingdom of God.

It was just “something out there” that we all knew about and presumed ourselves to be an automatic part of because of our security in Christ. You will hear many believers talking about ‘ruling and reigning’ with Christ, but most seem unaware that we could be saved and in Christ, yet forfeit to rule and reign with Him. If this shocks or surprises you, we are glad that you found In-Amen !

Here is a quick overview of the body of work on this site.

The bulk of the work presented here contains messages from God. These words have proven to be a source of great encouragement, blessing and inspiration and The LORD whose name is Yahuwah has called us to share these words to as many people as possible. Our mission is to steer people back to the one true source , the Living Word.

The messages from God

The Spirit of God anointed our ears to hear Him and through this gift of the Spirit we have recorded these entrees into categories that you will find at the bottom of this page.

When we first got these messages, we thought this was just for us, but He clearly impressed upon us to share these words.

We will always emphasize that there is only one authoritative source of study, one truth and that is the Word of God. All other writings that are inspired by the Spirit of God will bless the reader, but the Word of God is the foundation and everything must always point back to Christ and His finished work.

We will continue to load new messages as the Holy Spirit enables us to hear His voice.

What is The In-Amen Project?

Why the name In-Amen? From the first word in our English Scriptures, being “in” ( “In the beginning God created ” from the book Genesis ) to the last word in Revelations “amen” , all truth and everything pertaining to “life and godliness” is found. Sometimes you will see the word ‘AmaniYAH’ ; it is a salutation in ancient Hebrew in the same way ‘amen’ is used in the modern language.

The In-Amen Project, came about after much searching for answers to explain the many questions believers have around the scriptures of ” rewards in heaven ” .

As salvation is a free gift and by faith, what is then being rewarded?

Why is it even important at all, as being saved is all that matters?

Why does the Word call it a “race” ?

What am I racing for if I am already saved?

Why do so many scriptures talk about loss of rewards? If we cannot lose our salvation, then why so many warnings for believers , if we are already saved?

The kingdom of God.. why such urgency to “race for entrance “, as the Blood of Christ already purchased eternal life for me?

Is there a difference between eternal life and kingdom life?

What is the difference between spirit salvation and soul salvation or is it just all the same ?

These are some of the many questions the In-Amen Project will shed light on through the Scriptures.

The Truth believers were never taught about 'Rewards' and the 'Kingdom' and the foundational Scriptures that brought these teachings to light

The In-Amen Project will look in depth into the truth found in Scripture.

1 Corinthians 3 :10-15 is the foundation Scripture that The LORD Yahuwah gave us on 14 May 1997 for this very purpose. On this significant date He spoke this scripture audibly and loud, after a traumatic experience with many questions as to death and eternal life.

Under our video segment you will find the account of this profound miracle and the happenings of this day.

What makes this scripture so profound is that 1 Corinthians 3:15 reads ” ….he will suffer loss, he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames”

This is a tough scripture for many believers, especially as in the same chapter in verse 10, it states clearly that our foundation is Christ. How then do we understand ” suffering loss” in verse 15 ?

With much prayer and seeking and years of studying, the In-Amen Project will give the teachings here that the Spirit of God guided us to write.

After the Father gave us the foundation scripture of 1 Corinthians 3, He confirmed the importance of “making every effort to enter the kingdom of God” through many teachings and books that came our way. Most of these books were written several decades ago ! We went on a quest to find copies of books that were no longer in print and our adventure brought some very profound believers into our lives. We found that this message is hard and does not fit into ” feel good theology “

These messages and teachings are very much the meat of the Word ( 1 Cor 3:2 and Hebrew 5:12) Scripture points very clearly that we should “grow up in our salvation“, which is much different from ” the milk of the Word”

We believe that there are believers who are already walking this ‘ narrow road ‘ to entering the Kingdom and will receive many rewards, even though they are not aware of the importance of the Kingdom. But the In-Amen Project will stress the words of scripture of warnings for believers who think that salvation equals ” ruling and reigning with Christ”, as that is not true at all looking at the Word of God.

We will quote many times from several different English translations of the Bible , so as to get a full spectrum of understanding.

What is The LORD's name?

The reader will also notice that we love to call on the name of The LORD . You will continuously see Gods name all over the in-Amen website. This came about after our many questions on why the Bible says “name”, yet there is no name printed only the word “the LORD”?  We grew up in church with God’s name being called ” The Lord” and never thought anything more of it.

We then found this alarming note in the forward of our Bible and it is the same in every Bible , except for some wonderful new publications that render the name of The Lord .

Here is a quote directly from the “preface to the NIV” (and you will find the same explanation in all Bibles) and it reads as follows :

“In regard to the divine name YHWH, commonly referred to as the tetragrammaton, the translators adopted the device used in most English versions of rendering that name as ‘the LORD’ in capital letters to distinguish it from Adonai, another Hebrew word rendered ‘Lord’ for which small letters are used”

In ‘the complete Jewish Bible’, they reason that they also do not use the NAME of God and we quote one of several reasons: ” God’s personal name is never spoken”

We are blessed to have found His name and love to say and write His name instead of just “using the device” as adopted by Bible translators .

Here are a few examples that just jump out:

Exodus 33:19, Exodus 34:5 and 6

Psalm 16:2

Jeremiah 33:2 & 16

Isaiah 47:4, 48:2 , 54:5

Jeremiah 16:21

Micah 5:4

Thank you for visiting our site

We are completely and utterly dependent upon the Spirit of God for wisdom and understanding and we delight in His Word to show us the path of Righteousness and Truth.

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Join us in discovering the many treasures of Gods Word.

We would love to hear from you .

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p-transHot off The Olive Press

“Faith Without Religion”

The In-Amen Project will have its first book published soon. It is sure to become a most thought provoking book! We are working hard at editing the material and to have it ready for publishing in due time. Amen!

Who IS the Bride really?

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New Series of Teachings!

The In-Amen Project has started a new series of teachings called “Gain or Loss” ?
What the Word teaches about ruling and reigning in the Millennial Kingdom and we will add it to the teaching section upon completion so look out for new updates !

True Miracles

The In-Amen Project will soon publish the recording of 4 astounding miracles  and you will find the details and videos under our ‘miracle’ heading. Do not miss it! It testifies to the mighty power of God and it will surely bless you.

Messages from GOD