Do not look at the circumstances


“Do not look for your strength in the ways of man says the LORD. Look only to My life giving Word, the source of all truth and power. Just as live foods bring life and dead foods bring death, so it is with words. Learn to speak more and more words of life. It is the only way to defeat the enemy. The truth is the truth, but is has to be spoken to have effect.

Confessing the circumstances as the ‘reality’ can cause them to become the reality. Circumstances are merely a reflection of the enemy’s intention against you. The reality is your standing in My Grace, the reality is the surety of My Love for you, My Protection over you and the Truth in My declaration that ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ and that I am ‘working all things for good’.

Confess this truth and NOT the circumstances. Believe only in My power. The enemy has no power over you unless you grant it to him through the frailty of your soul. To walk by faith requires you to walk only by My set-apart Spirit says The LORD. You cannot walk by faith in the flesh. They cannot abide with each other; they are like oil and water. You must subdue the flesh to keep My Spirit in constant control.

The only way to subdue the flesh is through prayer. Had there been any other option I would surely have told you. There is a battle raging for the control of the mind of every believer. This is a constant bombardment of the senses from the world and the servants of the enemy seeking to gain more control. The last bastion of defense is the set-apart believers, those who are able to walk in the protection of My Grace  and My Spirit. This is such a tiny remnant but the truth will prevail as I have purposed it.

As the world descends into darkness I am raising up My people in truth. I have handed out the cups containing the sorrows and struggles of the times to come; they also contain the light and the strength that gives a hunger for My Word and My Spirit. This cup tastes bitter to the taste buds of a soulish man. Will you drink this cup says the LORD? Or will you pour it out and refill it with the sweet tasting deceitfulness of riches and deceptions of the enemy? Many sheep will be deceived into believing that I would never provide them with something that tastes bitter. Never forget, it is only bitter to the soulish man tasting with his flesh. To the Spirit within you it is nectar, life giving and full of power. It washes away the pointless desires of man and infuses the entire person, body soul and spirit with a sense of purpose and a measure of love that is impossible for the mere human mind to comprehend.

The more you drink from your cup, the more you will produce the fruit of the ‘seed’ of its contents. Be sure then, that you are aware of what you put to your lips. What comes out of a person’s mouth is always a reflection if what has been going into his mouth from the cup of his choosing. Choose carefully says the LORD and remind your brothers and sisters that the only way that your eyes can ever discern between the two cups is when they are focused by My Spirit built up in you by the power of My Word “


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