How to live “in the world”, without being “of the world”

Note: before we give you the Word teaching that the Spirit gave us, we want to focus your attention to the word “torah”. Personally for me, coming from a very ‘religious’ church upbringing, the word ‘torah’ does not sit with me, because it conjures “religion” to me , ” rules and regulations” and all I can think of is that ” I have been set free from the law” !

To help me with this , the Spirit directed us to understanding what the word ‘torah’ means and in its ‘very basic’ form ( the language has many levels deep of understanding)  I was surprised to learn that it  means  “instructions”. We have thus “renewed our minds” as He instructs, on this particular word. As the Renew Covenant /Testament speaks of “the law” , referring to “the Torah” ,it points out that we are set free ‘from the law/torah’. But what does that mean? Let us not take the truth of the Word of our Father and apply man made lies to it. We have been set free from the CURSE of law that is death and separation from God, we have NOT been set free from the  RIGHTEOUSNESS  ( the  pure and good instructions of “the torah” for righteous living by His Spirit in us unto the glory of the Father. And in not keeping the Torah / law, we will forfeight our ruling and reining positions with Him during the 1000 Millennium Kingdom ( see our teaching on ‘who is the Bride really?” for a full explanation of this truth) When we are born again of our spirit man from above, His Blood  fulfills ALL ‘torah’, ( all ‘law’), for He IS the righteous WORD of Eloah( God) but in order for Him to be pleased with us, we need to  ABIDE in His word, His instructions, His ‘torah’ .We are required to WALK in the Spirit ( and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh)  and to WORK OUT our salvation ( the salvation that was a free gift by faith) , so that at the Judgement Seat of  our Saviour, we will hear the words” well done my good and faithful servant” and I paraphrase ” for you have kept my instructions/ My torah and have build upon the foundation of the Blood  with My instructions as to righteousness fulfilled in you by My Spirit working through you” Amein. He will NEVER “reward” us for the Blood at the Judgement Seat, as that cost Him everything, but he will reward us for bearing fruit THROUGH Him after our salvation.

Let us therefor read the following word teaching that He  gave us on “the torah” = instructions = His Word.

Anyone who studies My Torah and lets My set-apart Spirit minister to them as they do so, will naturally discover the truths in My Word says Yahuah. ( “the Lord”) This is not something that can be taught by man because it is a condition of the spirit, not a blind following of the rules of men.

My Word says that ‘the truth will make you free’. These truths are only apparent to those that are ready to set aside their will and to subject their soul to the instructions of  My Spirit. Followers at such a level exhibit such total commitment and belief in what they have discovered, that it serves as an unction to others to want to discover the same truths for themselves . All truth is contained in My Torah says Yahuwah. The Torah is a recipe not a menu. Leaving out any ingredient will spoil the end result and make it less than it should be. So it is also with teaching the truths regarding the coming Kingdom. It is impossible for anyone to inspire to being counted among those in the out-resurrection if they do not walk according to the Torah- if they are not examples of My Spirit directing their every thought, word and action.

Avoid telling people ‘here is what you should do.’ Rather let them witness what you are doing. ‘ Be doers of My Word says Yahuah, not just hearers’. The doers are the example that urges the hearts of others to do the same.

The hearers simply tell others what they should do without necessary walking in the same truth that they talk about. Hypocrites!  These are double minded empty clouds! Let your actions confirm the truth that you speak, or be prepared to miss the mark. ‘Of those to whom much is given much will be required’

The only way that you can be confident  that you are constantly on the right path, the straight narrow path, is to measure your activity. The surest way to attain the prize of the high calling is to teach others how to find the same path. You cannot teach them how to walk in the path. That is a matter between them and My Spirit says Yahuah.

This is a task of enormous difficulty with never ending challenges says Yahuah. For it requires you to ‘live in the world’ without being ‘of the world’.  That is easy to say, but proves impossible for most and will remain impossible , unless you are prepared to completely surrender the flesh and your earthly consciousness  and turn them over to the control of My Spirit says Yahuah.

Yes, there is a general assembly that will contain billions, there is a great cloud of witnesses, impossible to number in the human perspective. But those that attain the prize, that earned the right to be called out of the chosen, to be resurrected out of the resurrection to be co-heirs with My beloved Son, these will be a tiny percentage. To be among this number requires total dedication and the readiness to suffer loss in your time on the present earth in order to gain that prize in the coming kingdom. Most cannot consider such a proposition, because their faith in the reality of the Kingdom to come is not fully developed.

Yes they understand that My Son will soon return, they have a vague concept of what His bride will look like and the taking place of the marriage supper. Some have a picture of the millennium reign, but it is incomplete.

The greatest error is that most are trying to find a way to understand and embrace these truths that does not place any burden on the level of comfort they have created for themselves in this world.

I have NO regard for the things of this world say Yahuah Almighty, host of the armies of heaven!

Why would I be interested in a world that is being controlled and developed by the one who has disappointed me the most? The one for whom I have already reserved eternal damnation?

The current age is purely a preparation for the return of My Son to prepare for the Eternal Age. Through these times I am able to set apart those that will work side by side with us through the millennium reign to make ready for the eternal reign. At THAT time the cycle will be complete and My vision will be fully in view as it was always destined to be. The outcome was never uncertain in any way, only the will of man with which I blessed him, had to be revealed. Without it, I would have had no need or desire to involve man in the process at all.

The best teachers are the examples. The best way to learn something is to teach it. Be aware though, the mantle brings with it an extra burden of responsibility, there is nothing more disappointing than a double minded teacher. Be a sign, not a stick, lead but do not push. You cannot lead if you are not sure where you are going.

My Torah is your map and My Word is the lamp to your feet. Without these you will stumble . If you take your eyes from either , you will lead people on a long journey around the mountain. Only when they see the ‘promised land’ for themselves can they cross the Jordan. You cannot carry them, you cannot make boats or bridges for them. You can only demonstrate how to find the map and the lamp for themselves. My Spirit alone can work the perfection of their understanding and remove the scales from their eyes.

This is a true revelation of what it means to ‘pick up your cross’ on a daily basis.  The knowledge alone of this work is a burden. The willingness to carry out this commission is a heavy burden. It is the burden that race runners have to bear. If you do not bear it, you can run at the pace of the world with seemingly no effort. The burden of eternal destruction always feel light and easy. The easier it seems for people, the further they are from My perfect will for their lives says Yahuah. A race runner must not even contemplate such relief ,for to find it, will mean that he has lost his way.

As I have stated before- if your life looks the same as the lives of those that do not have this knowledge, it is the same as those people and therefore you have left the only true path. Being a Jew to the Jews and a Greek to the Greeks does not mean to live as they do, it means to speak to them from their perspective so as to gain their attention. You do not become a light to the drunk by becoming drunk, or to the adulterer by doing it yourself!

Wisdom will guide you, the wisdom that is only available through the Set-apart Spirit application of My Torah.

Walk in it, breath it, live it.

I will make the way for you if you will make the way for Me” says Yahuah Almighty, host of the armies of heaven !

Philippians 3 : 11 ” and so somehow to attain to the resurrection from the dead”  The Ryrie study Bible NIV has a sub note here and it reads ” a compound word meaning the out-resurrection from among the dead” Do see our teaching on this vital point in our series ” Gain or Loss in the Millennium Kingdom”