The Formula

The Father gave us a Formula to follow which points to only one thing; that the WORD OF GOD is the beginning and the end of all life and existence now and forever.

THE FORMULA is part of what we came to call “the genesis teaching” as it was the first word that the LORD gave us. The Formula is in Bold and highlighted in the middle of the message below.

” If you truly follow Me, I will meet your every need. Sow seeds and expect that I will create a harvest from them and that the harvest will be an abundant crop. I am not concerned about your past failures, I am concerned about your future faithfulness. Only faithfulness in your daily walk can produce the lasting permanent changes that you seek. True desire means putting aside all else in pursuit of what you really want. If you truly want My favor, I must be the biggest thing in your life. I must be at the forefront of your mind all of the day. You must begin the day with Me, confront the challenges of the day with Me and end the day with Me.

I am all things to all men but you must make the choice to let Me be all things to you. Through that choice lies the abundance and the contentment that you desire. Get your own mind out of the way and let My Spirit lead you. Let My Spirit show you the path to true righteousness. Until you start with the sowing I cannot nurture the seeds and produce the crop. Know me, that I am your God. Be still and hearken to My words. Seek earnestly after Me and I will seek more earnestly after you. Glorify My name and I will elevate your name, expand your territory and increase your abundance.

Goodness comes from knowing your leader. Greatness comes from glorifying your leader. Holy Spirit led accomplishments come from diligently seeking My counsel before any step or action that you take. My wisdom will become your wisdom when your steps become My steps. Rid yourself of all guilt, of all doubt, of any shame. Remorse is important, but confession and repentance are more important. Staying close to Me and being led by My Spirit is still most important. All things will come from wisdom. Wisdom can only be imparted to you in direct proportion to your proximity to the source. You cannot sunbathe in the shade!

Love is the essence of wisdom. Love is wisdom in action.

I am the author of your contentment and your prosperity and your opportunity to seek Kingdom rewards. You must become the page turners. Your hands cannot even touch the “life book” if they are soiled with the ills of this world. Unite My Spirit to yourselves every minute of every day. This is what I mean when I say “take up your cross” . When I ask you to do that, you may notice that I do not tell you to put it down. You must carry it with you at all times. It brings you light, it separates you from the world, it makes My Spirit even more willing to abide with you and instruct you. By taking up My cross, being proud of it and keeping it with you at all times, I can relate to you as true family. You will truly be numbered among my sons.

Where do you find the cross? The burden of My cross is contained in My Word. Embrace the Word to your heart, let it dwell in you and you will become my instruments. I always give my best and most rewarding assignments to the cross bearers, for they have proven themselves to be most worthy. Success leaves clues, there is a clear path to the righteousness you seek.

Word = Spirit = Cross = Word = Spirit in greater measure = Action = Seeds = Harvest = Blessings = Seeds in greater measure = Rewards = Kingdom

It all starts with the Word. Then the Spirit and the Cross take care of everything else. If you feel yourselves straying out of the anointing I have bestowed upon you, simply come back to this formula, it is truly the key to the Kingdom. If you truly follow this formula you will run a good race. Your potential to attain a prize is without question. Whether or not you succeed and the degree to which you succeed will be in direct proportion to your ability to choose to follow the formula. Every distraction will divert you from the path if you choose to let it distract you.

Stay focused and the only way to stay as focused as you know you need to be, is to be led by the Spirit and the more you carry your cross and the more you are filled by the light of My Word, the more the Spirit will abide with you and bring you the wisdom needed to make the right choices.

Now the enemy will come and try to divert you from this new zeal. He will try to bring doubt and uncertainty upon you. Be prepared, don’t be fooled by thinking that if you are filled with My Spirit you will not be attacked. It is because you are filled with My spirit that you will be attacked. The enemy will try and create enmity among you, be prepared and stand strong together. The enemy will try and attack your business, stand strong. Resist him and he will flee from you.

Beware of flatterers and strange temptations! I never send people into your path that will bring alarm to your spirit. Test every new relationship, idea or action by applying my wisdom to any decision. Ask yourself what would you do if you could see My Son standing beside you. The same when you go about your daily tasks. Work in the manner you would if you could see me watching your every move. Be constantly aware of My presence and be very aware of the sensitivity of My Spirit. Pray clearly so that I may know how to help you, for that is my true desire says God “

The focus of the In-Amen Project is that Christ is the foundation of ALL things, from salvation of the spirit to salvation of the soul and that once we have been sealed by His blood unto salvation, then starts the race that the Word speaks of pertaining to rule and reign in the millennium Kingdom. The Blood is a free gift , so NO man can boast, but on this foundation we now have to build with “gold , silver and precious stones” ; henceforth living sacrificial lives, subduing the flesh so that the Spirit of God can bear fruit through us. Self effort is like building with “hay, stubble and straw”. I Cor 3:10- 23 is the foundation of the In-Amen project.

Herewith a summary of the Formula:


SPIRIT ( ‘unite My Spirit to yourselves every minute of every day’)

CROSS ( Take up your cross – carry it at ALL times.Where do you find the cross? The burden of the cross is in My Word”)

WORD ( now embrace it. Let it DWELL in you and you will become My instruments”)


ACTION ( now that you have entered into the fulness of the Word, can you go into righteous action that will produce seeds of righteousness , that will cause a harvest that God will bless)




SEEDS IN GREATER MEASURE ( following the steps in this way will now create abundant seed, and that will lead to rewards)

REWARDS ( what our actions on earth produced will be of lasting treasure. This will be the only ‘currency’ that He will reward. He can never ‘reward’ your faith in the Blood. It was the highest price to pay and a free gift to mankind to redeem us from sin and the penalty thereof so that we can gain everlasting life by faith in the sacrifice of Christ. On this new foundation , God will reward us for living sacrificial lives , indebted to the Son and the Father. )

KINGDOM ( Our righteous works by the Spirit of God working through us, on the foundation of the Blood of Christ for great rewards in the Kingdom) I Cor 3: 10-20

To take any piece out of the formula or to jump to another piece will never bring the righteous fullness that our Father desires. This is His heart in following His plan and with the strength He provides, we shall be made perfect by His Word.