Warning from The Lord


“Do not think I give warnings lightly. I put these things in My word so that those with eyes to see can be mindful of the truth. Yes I love obedience, but I despise those that shrink in the face of My mercy and grace. I will not take kindly to being invited by those that opened the door of their hearts to Me and then slammed it in My face. There are many warnings in My word, aimed at My children (the believers ) they must be understood and feared. My sheep cannot live their earthly lives in ignorance of these truths, for if they do they will not be as fruitful as they should.

Reverent fear of Me, the almighty omnipotent God is a pre requisite for attaining any rewards. Why else would a servant perform his Godly duties? Would it be because he seeks his own reward? This should not be. The Godly works should be carried out in the manner of a child eager to please his loving father, whom having given that maturing child an important task to carry out, having given him a measure of responsibility, expects the task to be done timeously in the manner that was requested.

If this is not the case, the child should expected to be chastened by his father out of love. Surely he will be forgiven if he is mindful of his sin and repents. All sins are covered by the blood of My son and forgiveness is assured. Be not deceived this does not give license to live as one pleases.

Those walking truly hand in hand with Me, will automatically have the reverence I speak of.

I am the almighty God, even My spirit is mindful of Me, how much more should My sheep be mindful of Me?

Keep searching Me out and I will reveal more of myself to you. Wear the mantle of My anointing with humility and I will readily increase your portion. Heighten your reverent fear of Me and I will increase it 10 fold. Become one with Me and I will increase it 100 fold. You are still as infants. Mature with Me and the level of My anointing will be such that human words do not have the expression to describe it. Be in eager anticipation for it, crave it and desire it above all else for within this anointing there remains no question”


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