There are many warnings contained in the word in which the Lord is telling His people the dangers of falling out of favor with Him. I asked the Father is these warnings are as relevant today as they were in the past.

” You do well to notice the warnings that I place in My Word.

I am a loving Father but I am also a strict Father, requiring obedience and servanthood from My children. I gave up My only begotten Son so that you might be saved and be My children. I have high expectations of My children, I expect them to honour Me, to worship Me, and to love Me above all else. Anything less diminishes the price I paid and is not pleasing to Me.

Too many of My children are growing complacent in their status of having been called by Me. This is folly, they are blind to their own ignorance. They go about day by day chasing after the things of this world and not being mindful of My instructions. There is much misery ahead in such actions.

My Word is life and My Word is Spirit and My Word is the Christ. In My Word lay all things. All the answers, all the power, all the blessings, all the instructions. My people are lazy, they rely on the interpretations of others to know My Words. There is nothing wrong with hearing the words of an anointed teacher but how can one know of his anointing without the Holy Spirit giving the revelation? You cannot have the Holy Spirit without the Word. My Spirit will not abide where My Word is absent. The greater the abundance of My Word in you, the fuller will be the presence of My Spirit. Fill yourselves with the Word, learn to speak My Word to one another, gird your mind and your lips and your tongue with My words. In this way you cleanse a path for a filling of My Spirit at a level beyond which your imagination can perceive.

The answer is in the Word. Eat it, drink it, and let it live inside of you. The word is the Christ, My Son, get it inside you and all around you and He, through My Holy Spirit will be inside of you and all around you and keep you from the deceptions I have spoken of to you today.

I love you tenderly says the Lord”


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