Time for a “Reality” check (and it ain’t on TV!)


How many people are actually following the one true God today? How many actually know that there is only one true God? That He is, omnipotent, magnificent and is the creator of all things, known and unknown?

For those who do not believe in anything or for those who ‘just are not sure’ , it is time to come out of the blindness. This is not a drill. These are facts, not some nice little stories wrapped around a doctrine to get you to show up at some building once per week and give some of your hard earned money to a “Religious Business

This is serious stuff with massive eternal consequences for you, your family and everyone that you know. You owe it to yourself to know the truth. Don’t settle for someone else’s version or interpretation of the truth because it feels comfortable for you. By the same token, do not just ignore the truth because it feels uncomfortable to think that it could be true.

“Oh that stuff sounds way to serious and scary so I am going to ignore it and get on with my life”

Friends, everything that is going on in the world today is a perfect validation of the truth in the words of the Holy scriptures that painted for us a picture of what the world would look like in the “last days” or the “end times” as they are known. You can scoff and laugh all you like but I know, for most people, when you get through all the bravado, the arrogance, the insistance that “I know better than you” When you get down to the depths of people’s hearts; You want there to be a reason for hope. You want your life to have purpose and meaning AND you want to know that there must be more to all this than just the “stuff” that most people have to wade through for 70 to 80 years and then, that’s it! The End?

Come on, you know that you don’t really want to believe that do you? Let us sweep away all the lies. The lies of Religion, the lies of most traditions, the lies of alcohol and drugs and all of the other kinds of addictions that keep you from the plain truth. Let us get down to the level of basic truth and let you build on it from there. As you will see, we have no agenda. We don’t want your money. You do not have to buy anything,  join anything. You don’t have to “go” anywhere or wear any label. You do not have to know us,nothing, Nada, zip!

You simply deserve to open your own marvelous mind to the possibility that there could be more to the whole picture than you ever imagined. 


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