The evil spirit of hypocrisy


” Hypocrisy is a very dangerous and debilitating spirit, says The LORD. It affects so many people who say one thing and do another. Most do not understand this to be a spirit. This is curious, as every inclination of the human mind is spiritually driven either by My Spirit or by an evil spirit. There are no 3rd type of spirits says The LORD. Therefore, if a character trait in a person is not a manifestation of My Holy, Set Apart Spirit at work in their lives, then it has to be the enemy at work in their lives. This is so black and white, it becomes very easy to discern what is happening. The spirit of hypocrisy is rampant in this world today says God. Think about things you say that should not be done and then even the same day you find yourself doing precisely that thing. The greatest evil about this spirit is not just that is weakens your own position in the supernatural realm, more importantly it invariably causes others to stumble and therefore weakens their position which causes still more to stumble and on and on.

 Just one act of hypocrisy can create a huge domino effect causing major damage in both the natural and supernatural realm. The direct opposite of this spirit, is righteousness. When you are truly walking in righteousness, the spirit of hypocrisy will be unable to stand in your presence.  A righteous man will send the hypocrites scurrying away unable to withstand the presence of My Holy Spirit which overcomes all evil.

How do I protect myself from the spirit of hypocrisy? I hear you ask . ‘Seek first the Kingdom’ . ‘Wear the full armor’. If your every action is in pursuit of My Kingdom and you are under the protection of My full armor, you will keep yourself safe from the spirit of hypocrisy says the LORD.

 The righteousness, truth and humility that accompany you will keep him from your domain.

This lesson gives you a perception as to how relentless the enemy is with his intention to attack and defeat you. Evil knows no boundaries. He will not suddenly ‘give up’ and let you alone. This is an ongoing and never ending battle which is why you require a 24/7 strategy to keep the ascendancy. Understanding this, is it easy to see why the lives of sheep whose spiritual involvement amounts to 10 minutes a day and an ‘hour on Sundays’ are in such turmoil. The best they can expect is to get a band aid on their wounds once per week. This leads to unfulfilled lives of misery and confusion to so many of my people says God. They keep wondering where I am in their lives. Why I am not manifesting in their lives. They cry out to Me on the one side while completely sabotaging themselves on the other. They are busy serving the spirit of mammon and nurturing the spirit of hypocrisy through their actions. They then fall into unbelief and that is followed by the spirit of unworthiness taking a firm grip on them. Consequently, they come wandering back the ‘next Sunday’ , lifting up their wounded hearts and then returning for another week of action.

 My people do not even realize that there is a battle going on. This brings a whole new perspective to the concept of ‘equipping the saints’. This task is literally to get them to understand the nature of the battle they are engaged in; the magnitude to which it is about to escalate and how they can participate in it as a holy warrior rather than as cannon fodder for the enemy.

As I have previously  instructed:  you have to win your victories in the supernatural realm before they will manifest in the physical.

It appeared that My Son had been defeated by the crucifixion, but after winning the victory in the supernatural and setting free the captives, the victory manifested in the natural through the resurrection. This created the ‘blueprint’ for victorious living. Wage war in the supernatural and enjoy the spoils of victory in the natural. It also serves as a typological example of what needs to be achieved in these last days. You must strive through supernatural means, with the guidance of My Spirit, to ‘set the captives free’. The captives that are all around you every day; fellow spiritual believers that are trapped by their own lack of knowledge of the situation they are in.

Everything required for this mission is already available in the Sword of the Spirit. Pick up your Sword and start using it ! “


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