The enemy wants to pull you down!


” See how easily your confidence drops when you slip from My anointing. See how diligent you have to be to enjoy the fullness of My presence?

At such a level, a day out of My presence brings a heaviness of uncertainty and discontent. These feelings do not come from Me but from the world.

The world is your enemy and they want to pull you down at every opportunity. You need to stay in the fullness of My anointing and you can only do that through your obedience.

Meditate upon My word day and night. I give that instruction, because until My word is engrafted into your very being you are still very vulnerable to the wiles of the enemy.

My Spirit is the ONLY thing that can defeat the enemy and keep him at bay.

My spirit comes through the Word.

Delight in My word and My spirit will delight in you. Let My words become your words, speak the Word of the Lord with power and confidence.

I will not forsake you, but you must be open and willing to accept My instruction. There will be no reluctant soldiers in My Kingdom. Only those that made a commitment of the heart to accept My calling.

That is why I have told you that many are called but few are chosen, for even some of the chosen will turn and walk away from Me and never enjoy the fullness of the things that could have been possible for them. They will suffer an eternity of regret.

Do not be counted among them! it is up to you. When you finally let go of this world and embrace Me fully both in your heart and in your actions, there is much to look forward to.

Stop being victims of your own circumstances. The only way to break the cycle is to get off the bike. You understand by now that My hand is upon you and I will complete that which I have begun, as I always do.

Let Me see that you are capable of complete obedience, for that is required for My full anointing to be manifest in your lives.

How foolish! do you think that if you are half obedient that maybe I will half anoint you? Know you not that it cannot be for I am not a God of half measures. Everything I have ever done or given has been complete and whole. I expect the same in return from you. I need your complete and whole dedication and obedience. “


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