As you enter into a time of joy, abundance and prosperity, you must be more careful than ever to build your hedge stronger and check its security more diligently than ever.

The anointing of My Holy Spirit will give you the ability to keep a strong hedge, but you must be sure to not let your defenses down for even a minute. Never forget that the enemy is like a fox , he just needs one opening and he will often kill all of the chickens just because he can. He does not even need to be hungry. Use the armor daily, just because a few days pass with no attacks , does not mean that the enemy has decided to leave you alone. Be sure of this fact, he will never leave you alone.

Sure he may focus attention elsewhere for a season, but often that is just to lull you into a sense of security in the hope that you will let your guard down. That you will stop doing the things that provide your protection. That you will return to the world, maybe temporarily. When you are in the worlds influence you are in his domain and your protection is vulnerable. If you lapse back to being of the world you are completely outside of My will and therefore your protection may be penetrated.

Stay close to Me for the fox is ineffective against the lion. Keep focused with singleness of purpose. Be sure that you are in harmony with your purpose, for the blessings fall more easily on you when there is clarity , cooperation and continuity .

Two are greater than one . You must first learn to completely support each other, harmonize with each other. This will bring far more power to your quest to be both a blessing and an example to other people.”


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