The “crushing of the flesh” The Olive Press


I delight in you enquiring of Me. How I wish to impart more to you ! More and more for many reasons.
Only through your spirit can these things work, enlighten and produce the fruit I desire. As you have partaken of My Word this morning, I have shown you the critical message of the grafting in of my Olive Tree.
The garden of Gethsemane translates to ‘the garden of the olive press’. It was there where I suffered the crushing of My flesh, in order to bring forth the oil of anointing of the Holy Place, the oil of light and healing  and oil of cleansing. When My Son was confronted with the humanity of His will, He had to surrender to the weight and the merciless crushing of the olive press. Thus His conclusive words “not My will but Your will Father”.

It was not a fragile or light decision, but the total laying down of His every human tendency to defend His will and His flesh for the product that came forth to create the precious oil of the Menorah; the oil for lights in the lamps, the oil for healing and the oil and lye for cleansing the sins of all mankind.
The excretion of ‘sweat’ was in truth the excretion of oil which fell as great drops of blood. The blood of His body was the final step in the process of crushing. That blood was shed the very same day.
My Son become the leader of all who would then follow Him not only to the ‘garden of the olive press’ , but to the final stage of submission and crushing, to Golgotha. Without the olive press, without the shedding of His blood, there is no remission of sin!
The sin of the world being the decision to keep ones own will and own way of salvation.
My Son said ‘no one can come to the Father except by Me’. In other words, except by following in My footsteps through the same process I had to take in order to produce the fruit and its benefits to mankind.

And now regarding My words I gave you: ‘I am pitting the olives’. I always work in the twofold way of individual and corporate at the same time. My words above were directed to the house of prayer and ministry called the Olive Tree. The lessons you have written will substantiate My word to them as individuals, and then to the whole body in the earth.
The substance of the pit or seed is the very same wood as the tree itself. The product of that seed is primarily ‘lye’ that cleanses all unrighteousness. I have already called you all clean, but just as the salvation of the soul is a process, so is that cleansing.
In this case, my righteous children are being washed by the Water of the Word, but for deeper cleaning, soap is required.
This particular cleansing is the final riddance of the paganistic rituals and the error of the apostate church that issued from Rome and Greece. The traditions of man and the idolatrous worship are now loosening in souls, in order to be cleansed with the soap of the pits, the seeds.

The cornerstone of these is complete surrender to My will in every particle of your lives. Without that, you will not be sufficiently prepared to walk by My Spirit and in turn lead others by your own example.
In these times of peril, I must put into motion the millstone that crushes the stubbornness and ‘hearts of stone’ in my elect. The chosen I have designated as my emissaries in these final hours.
As your wills surrender to Mine , I will open your eyes and ears to hear My voice more clearly than you can imagine. If you will… all of the ‘static’ of transmission will cease.
That is my promise to you today.
Always my love, your Father.”

This Word was given to Rosemarie, a precious friend of ours. May this powerful Word from the Spirit through her pen, bless you this day. AmaniYAH.


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