Not by your might, nor power, but by MY Spirit

“ Don’t give time to laying up treasures for yourself in the earthly realm, it is of no value to you says The LORD

Learn to look at every situation, personal and opportunity, through spiritual eyes. Worldly eyes will focus only on the world’s perception which is always the wrong view 100% of the time. People create what they [the world] perceive as success from themselves. Often they then declare Me as the author of their success. My desire is that as many as possible should be saved.

Rich, poor or in between is of no interest to me says the Lord. I am concerned with hearts and souls, not material success. There are few that can have material success without losing their focus on Me. That is a strength of My Word, My Torah. It causes man to stay focused on Me as their source and not the world. It is impossible to live according to the Word and be dedicated to the world.

That is why the world hates My Torah says the Lord. Anyone grafted into the tree of Israel without understanding, is of the world. Protected by the blood and assured of salvation but unable to attain to the promise of the rewards of the kingdom; the narrow path, the straight narrow gate that few will pass through.

My Torah is My unfailing plan for righteous living. In the absence of My Spirit it is empty and law keeping, only serving to highlight man’s weaknesses and disobedience. In harmony with the anointing of the Holy Spirit it is an unstoppable force of righteous power. It creates the platform for the power of My Spirit to break through into everything you do. “Not by your might, not by your power , but by My Spirit”

After we received this message from the LORD we wrote the following to bring more light to the understanding of the Kingdom.

If you understand the depths of “Torah living” you will see it as the epitome of walking in the footsteps of Christ our precious Savior. The Torah (meaning ‘instructions’ ) is the Word of God, Christ is that living Word and therefore, to live as the Torah is to live as He lived and lives. To live the Torah, brings the full power of His Holy Spirit to bear fruit in ones life.

The Torah is the instruction manual which shows how to structure your life to live precisely according to the plan that the Lord has prepared for you. There are some behavior requirements, there are dietary rules to keep your body as healthy as possible, there are requirements to “remember” the Lord and to outwardly demonstrate your choice to serve him by keeping certain appointed times of celebration and remembrance in His honor. Just like people do for certain public holidays.

The difference is that these ones contained in the Torah are for those who want to honor God, the Creator of the universe. It surely makes sense that if God tells us “do these things and I will bless you” it makes good sense to do them. Some will say “oh but I don’t have to do those things anymore because I am saved, I am washed in the blood and all of my sins have been washed away”. All of that is true, 100% and nothing can ever take that away from you. In other words, not keeping the Torah has nothing to do with the salvation of your spirit which you received as a free gift when the Lord knocked on the door of your heart and you opened it. That gift is yours for all eternity, for if Torah keeping was important for salvation, such a ‘law abiding’ man can boast, and neither would it be a free gift either. Only the blood  of Christ fulfills ALL Torah.

But this is an entirely different matter. The word tells us “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” .We know that does not mean “work for your salvation”, as we know that the salvation of your spirit is a free gift from our Father in heaven through His Son.

The salvation of your spirit is the beginning of your journey, not the end! The “working out” part refers to the next degree of salvation. The salvation of your soul. Your soul has to be saved from the corrupt nature of your flesh which is powerful and has such a hold over your mind, your soul, that it often causes even those that have their spirit saved to fall way short of God’s requirements. This is why so many people who profess to be saved look and act almost exactly the same as people in the world who will happily tell you that they are not saved, that they don’t believe and that they could care less! How can that be?

Well, the true believers I am referring to are certainly saved, but they are not “working out their salvation with fear and trembling”. They are being manipulated by the ‘cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of the flesh’

Thus your spirit can be saved because God in his infinite mercy gives it to those ready to receive it as a free gift. It is written:  ” It is finished”! But, the promises of the wondrous rewards available to us in the coming 1000 kingdom reign of Christ on the earth, the crowns and positions of leadership and the right to rule and reign with Him when He returns as the King of kings and the Lord of lords are only available to those that have  “worked” for them ( which is equal to “lose your life for My sake”) and “earned” them by “working out their salvation with fear and trembling”. This means laying down ‘self  works ‘ and lusting after the things of this world and allowing the Spirit of God to work through you HIS purpose.

It should be a reverent fear  of the promise ( ” those that are willing  AND obedient shall inherit the land” ) As written in Philippians 3 :12, Paul writes this after he made it clear through the Spirit of  God that his salvation is secure:  ” righteousness that is through faith in Christ” ( v.9 ) and now says in v. 12 ” not that I have already obtained this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on, to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me”  . So is he contradicting himself? No! He is now talking about laying everything down for the sake of Christ. Those saved by the blood that persists in participating in the worlds agenda, will stumble short of their reward in the Kingdom . But such a day of reckoning  is a fearful thing and many believers might have a portion among the unfaithful ( unfaithful to Christ whom they are married to by His blood) Only through God’s “instruction book” , His Torah and His Word will you find the information necessary for you to walk this walk and work towards the salvation of your soul.

God will not be saying to anyone “Well done, good and faithful servant” for accepting the free gift of His blood! No! Accepting the gift simply gave you the honor and the right to one day, stand before your God, the Creator of everything, and to account for what you did with the gift He gave you. As He clearly tells you in I Corinthians 3 that everyone has the same foundation to build upon.               That is the foundation of your salvation. Your assurance of eternal life, your Savior. But what have you built upon that platform with the work that you did since receiving the gift? That is going to be the deciding factor as to whether you are going to get a reward or if you are going to suffer loss.

“Loss?!” But I am saved by the blood!”

Yes that is true and nothing will ever change that, but it gave us the opportunity to now ‘work out this salvation‘. If we were a ‘slothful servant’ there is a price to pay. Study the parable of the talents. These were all servants not unbelievers. By not following the ‘instructions, statutes, decrees, precepts of God’s word and by following after the world, we are putting the salvation of our souls at risk.

Once God gives you a gift, He never takes it away. The only thing He ever removed from us was the penalty of sin which is the price He paid for us through the sacrifice of His son. As you know, it is available to anyone that believes in Him and it is an unconditional gift. So, by not following the Torah, you do nothing to jeopardize your eternal salvation. However, by choosing to follow the Torah, to live as He lived on earth, to walk in His footsteps by the power the Spirit of God gives you, to honor the Lord by keeping His commandments, His appointed times, you ‘ run the race’ of attaining the promise of rewards in the coming kingdom. Phillipians 3 :14 ” I press on towards the mark ( goal)  for the prize” ( which is ” the high calling of God in Jesus Christ”) KJV

“Oh but I’m going to earn my rewards by doing my own stuff and doing the programs at my church” Just make sure that whatever you do lines up 100% with the word of God.