Your sleep will often be troubled if you allow the wiles of the enemy to dislodge you from your path. Stay close and this cannot happen for My Spirit is your protector and He will keep the enemy from your gates.

Grieve My Spirit and He will depart from you, love Him, praise Him and appreciate Him and He will abide with you day and night. So the key to peaceful sleep is to sleep under My precious anointing and the protection of My Holy Spirit who can guard your heart and mind while you rest.

Repent for your stubbornness and do not let petty arguments interfere with either your purpose or your relationship with Me. We must move forward as one to accomplish these plans and goals and every distraction simply increases the time required. Celebrate our successes and move forward with the confidence that comes from knowing that you will prevail, because I am with you- I am your strength and that through Me you will be able to achieve the desires of your hearts. Have faith and listen for My voice.”


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