Running an Effective Race ?


” As you know, all race runners will cross the line at the same time. It is not a question of being ‘first’ in the Race says the LORD,  it is the question of running an effective Race .

Your ‘form and style’ are all important as they will be a reflection of your true heart and whether you are committed to your own glory or Mine. Give no thought to the style of other runners. They are not your concern. You should neither seek to emulate them , nor run behind them, nor judge or criticize them. Spend all of your time perfecting your own actions. The more attention you give to this, the more effective your Race will be.

Study the runners guide , which is My Word . Therein lies all the answers you will ever need regarding how to qualify  to be a runner, equipping yourself for the Race, the training you will need to undergo to be able to produce peak performance and of course the skills you will need to recruit and train others. There are so few runners in this race in comparison to what should be happening. The hooks of this world are strong and relentless and My people are in need of help. Remember ‘revival with purpose’ ? It is to plant people firmly on the track as ‘Race runners’ . Equip them with an understanding of the length and difficulty of the course, equip them through My Word with their running shoes and other equipment. Help them to develop the mind set of the spirit filled athlete ; one who is determined to run his best Race and to never quit regardless of the circumstances. To be an overcomer and a victor in the name of My Son. This will not be an easy path says the LORD. It is hard enough for the runners, but how much more so to find potential runners and coach and equip them? Take comfort in the support and encouragement of My Spirit and the enabling power of My anointing, for this work is precious to Me.

I will be your strength says the LORD , just stay ever closer to Me and there are no boundaries that we cannot break through “


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