” To love Me with your whole heart does not leave room for you to keep a part  of your heart where you store the former things. Where you keep the things that you have decided not to give over to Me. Whatever they are, treasured memories, your own secret plans for the future or maybe sins that seemed either so trivial or so tremendous that you decided to ‘hide’ them from Me.

This is folly says the LORD. For I know every deepest darkest secret. I know of every act however big or small, every indiscretion. I require you to hand over everything to Me says God. So much so that you are ‘no-more’. You are completely dead. Only by becoming completely dead to this world and to your fleshly self can you become fully alive in My Son. At that point your entire  body will be run on the power of the My Spirit which will multiply the effectiveness of everything that you do. Turn over everything to me says the Yahuwah, because as you become completely Mine, I will become completely yours.

Sometimes My children wonder why their prayers are ineffective. It is simple. They have surrounded themselves so much with the noise of the world that they cannot get their communication through. They allow the world to be louder than the Spirit in their lives. My Spirit will never be the one to adjust the volume or the degree to which you can sense His presence. That is completely in the control of the individual. Each person creates their own level of My Spirit’s presence by their actions.

Repentance removes these ‘secret’ things from the heart so that there is no longer any need to carry them around. It also makes sure that anything that could grieve or hinder  My Spirit is removed which allows the anointing to flow freely through you. People make the mistake of thinking that because the blood shields them from the penalty of their sins that it is therefore not necessary for them to repent for those sins especially things from long ago, maybe even before they knew Me. This is a great deception. Every transgression must be spoken out and repented for. That is the only way that it gets truly released from a persons soul. Otherwise it sits there, like a bag of refuse which gives off a foul stench which is unpleasant to My Spirit. Some people never experience His presence because of that.

Even though they are washed by the Blood, their lack of repentance either through fear , ignorance or stubbornness keeps them from ever entering into the fullness of the relationship I have prepared for them and therefore it becomes impossible for them to fulfill their calling.

Repentance is a form of cleansing. Just as fasting can help to cleanse the physical body, so repentance cleanses the soul; cleanses the spiritual man.

A deeper relationship and a clearer channel of communication are the end result and it must be an ongoing daily  process to keep the required ‘standard of hygiene’.  If you take the trash out every day , there would never be a bad odour  in your house “


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