Did you set your heart upon this?



“Address everything in your life that needs addressing says  The Lord YAHUWAH of Hosts.

Do not teach about finances as a person troubled by debt.
Do not teach about food and eat garbage.
Do not teach wisdom and walk in foolishness.
Do not preach the goal of the Kingdom and then not strive for it.
Do not talk about love and not give it.
Do not extol the merits of praise and worship and not engage in it.
Do not ask for healing without expecting it to be so.
Do not ask how to ascend if you are not prepared to come up.
Do not ask to be separated and then live the same as before.
Do not ask for more anointing, use what you have and that will produce more.
Do not ask Me for the Messengers to assist you and then do not do the work that they can help with.
Do not ask to hear My voice and then not act upon My advice.
Do not compromise your confidence in Me to appease the lack of understanding of others.
Do not waste your time pursuing the things of this world.

Set your heart upon the things of My Kingdom to come. Call upon My Name and hear the council of My Spirit. Let the miraculous flow through your hands as you operate under the Spirit filled power of My anointing. Shout your message from the rooftops. Let your passion for the truth demand the attention and the audience. I will cause the doors to fly open for you as you stride boldly towards them.

Proclaim My Name to the world! Proclaim the safety of My House. Proclaim the awesome beauty of My coming Millennium Restoration. Herald the arrival of the Harvester, because the great harvest is soon coming. Declare the love I have for Israel  and extend to her people the olive branch of shalom, be crusaders for reality. Burn off the dross of the lies that blind the eyes of even My sheep who are deceived by the tricks of the age old enemy.

The battle continues to rage in the spiritual realm and is reflected in the natural realm.

Declare to the saints that they have to fight now! Picking up your weapons when the battle is over is of no use declares YAHUWAH of Hosts. We all know the ultimate outcome, but to the victors go the spoils.

You cannot be a victor as a spectator.

You can be part of a cloud of witnesses OR you can be one of the victors that has been the object of their witness. It is a powerful and fearful choice but each must choose.”

Ref: Romans 2: 21


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