Sometimes we lose sight of the track that the Lord has called us to walk on. However, if you are walking in the Spirit and staying close to His voice, He will quickly bring you back to reality just as He did with us in this example, Maybe He is talking to you today?

” See how easy it is to slip back into the clutches of this world sayeth the Lord?

I told you that the enemy would try to create enmity between you and he will waste no time if your guard is down for but a short time. It is the 3 fold cord that is not easily broken, so be sure to keep it three fold.

The purpose for refreshing times during the day was to give you the opportunity to nurture your relationship with the Spirit. The greater the measure of My Spirit that abides with you, the greater I will be able to increase the power and productivity of your time. Through Me you can achieve in one day what will take many several days.

Stay in My Word for that is the source of My spirit, I have told you this before.

You have already seen a manifestation of the favour that is bestowed upon you when you are obedient. If you truly seek uncommon favour then you must be prepared to enter into uncommon obedience, at least it would seem that way by the standards of this world.

I need not reprimand you further for your actions as I know that your heart convicts you. You are well aware of my requirements and my instructions and you must now carry them out. The degree to which you are prepared to carry out them will reflect My favour upon you. Look nowhere else for I am your source. I have provided you with opportunities and talents and you must now combine them, put your hands to the plough and the outcome you desire will not be long in coming. Remember the formula I gave you before? Return to it, study it and apply it and you will be transformed.

My love for you does not wane ever, for I am faithful says the Lord. I take delight in your willingness and your obedience. When you put Me above the things of this world, I will put you above the things of this world says the Lord “


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