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Do not gamble with time

“You shrink from accountability and record keeping for fear that it may reveal the reality of your progress. The sand still runs through the hour-glass and stands still for no-one. I will not extend a...

August 24, 2016
in Angels & Demons

The Hedge of Job

” Often The intensity of the attack from the enemy is simply a reflection of your desire to be pleasing in My sight and to carry out the work I have called you to do says...

September 16, 2011
in Daily battles

Do not look at the circumstances

“Do not look for your strength in the ways of man says the LORD. Look only to My life giving Word, the source of all truth and power. Just as live foods bring life and dead...

September 15, 2011
in Racerunners

Running an Effective Race ?

” As you know, all race runners will cross the line at the same time. It is not a question of being ‘first’ in the Race says the LORD,  it is the question of running an...

August 18, 2011
in Angels & Demons

A Satire: Satan’s Scheme…..

The following is such a true picture of what we see today and it took the satire of someone to put this one together. It could have been funny, only if it wasn’t so true………....

August 03, 2011
in Keys to Life


” To love Me with your whole heart does not leave room for you to keep a part  of your heart where you store the former things. Where you keep the things that you have...

July 29, 2011
in Angels & Demons

The evil spirit of hypocrisy

” Hypocrisy is a very dangerous and debilitating spirit, says The LORD. It affects so many people who say one thing and do another. Most do not understand this to be a spirit. This is...

July 20, 2011
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