“Doubts, fears and apprehension are not My way says Yahuwah. If you find such things coming against you, recognize them for what they are (spiritual warfare to be waged) and seek to repair the hole in your hedge that made you vulnerable to such an attack.

Never forget that the shield of faith can quench ALL the fiery darts of the enemy . Which brings you back to ‘the sin that so easily besets’. If you look at every challenge through natural eyes, of course the situation will often seem difficult maybe even impossible. Then because your viewpoint is from the flesh, you are now operating outside the protection of the anointing, you have effectively ‘removed’ your spiritual armor and those fiery darts will start striking home and wounding you.

Because there is no sword even for you to strike back with, you end up having to retreat. It is natural for those in the flesh, to now spend time brooding about the defeat, wondering why their armor has suddenly become ineffective!

All the time this is taking place, you will make yourself open to even more attacks in greater measure says God, as the enemy will press for the opportunity to create a foothold ,by attaching himself to you through one of his demonic spirits who will dwell in your environment seeking an opportunity.

Depression, fear, lack, apprehension, double-mindedness, uncertainty, lowliness (different to meekness), unworthiness, victim syndrome, unbelief, hopelessness, undeserving, anxiety, nervousness. This list can go on and on. As I have spoken before, their names are ‘legion’ and they all seek to nullify your effectiveness.

Now this may sound intimidating to some. However you know the truth and therefore the solution is simple says Yahuwah. None of these can operate in the presence of the anointing of My Spirit.

None of them can even stand against the proclamation of My name, none of them can have any effect against the protection of the full armor.

Remember recently, that how just by being obedient by speaking the truth to that lady, by confessing the power of Yahuw to her over the phone- all the things that were seemingly coming against you, were immediately removed!

What happened was, in the course of that conversation, you picked up your shield of faith which immediately started to quench those darts, then as you began to speak out My Word, that spiritual sword began wreaking havoc through the enemy ranks sending them scampering away.

There is an important lesson through all of this. For one of My chosen warriors to walk in victory ALL the time, it is essential that the battle readiness is maintained.

Be alert to even the slightest sting of an enemy dart, if you so much as feel it, you will know that something in your defenses needs attention and attend to it immediately.

There is of course another level to move to here says Yahuwah. As you know, the best method of defense is attack. The sword is not designed to be a defensive weapon says God. It is time to realize that we cannot be content with ‘standing our ground’.

No, we must go forward and regain ground that has previously been lost, we must make inroads into the enemy territory, start creating casualties in their ranks, get them on the back foot for a change and rack up some victories in My name says God.

It is time to show them that they are no match for My forces says God.

We are the most powerful beings in the fray. Human bodies being driven by the anointing of  My Spirit dwelling within them, equipped with My unstoppable weapons of warfare.

If I am with you, nothing and no-one can stand against you in the spiritual or in the natural.

Remember, you must take your victories in the spiritual realm first says Yahuwah.

If you take them only in the natural, they will only be temporary and of no eternal significance.

So it is with everything that you do. Achieve it at the supernatural level and you will make huge strides along the path to which I am calling you and your strength and your blessings will be multiplied.

I am excited about what is about to unfold and so should you but you can only witness the plan in the supernatural realm.”


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