The Hedge of Job


” Often The intensity of the attack from the enemy is simply a reflection of your desire to be pleasing in My sight and to carry out the work I have called you to do says The LORD. The picture in Ezekiel is a true type of the current situation. Those with the commission to warn My People against their dangerous slothfulness have the same opportunity to save their souls through this work.

What says the enemy of such work? Of course he does not want this to take place! He seeks to prevent such work and to destroy those that would participate in it. He will go straight for the weakest point and the easiest thing to affect and that is your faith, which can so easily waver. You must remain steadfast through these times, seek even more earnestly after My spirit and My anointing. The enemy seeks to embroil you back into the ways of the world where every waking moment is spent in pursuit of the finances needed to exist in the worlds system. Escape this system through faithful diligence. Learn to make money work for you so that you do not need to waste time working for money. The snare of the world is a wide net, only the wise can avoid it and you know where the wisdom comes from.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Be careful not to let the circumstances he create cause your focus to fail. The smallest hole in your hedge can let in an entire army. You must constantly make repairs says the LORD. His soldiers are doubt, uncertainty, faithlessness, unbelief, contention, dismay and resignation. They can all be repelled with your shield of faith and slain completely by the sword of the Spirit.

Continue on your path in the way that we have made together. This is the time to stand, to press through and continue confidently in the assurances of My promise, that ‘greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world’. Take comfort in My strength  and be careful not to feel that you can ever face this adversary alone. There are many that have trod such a path who have either been completely destroyed or who now hold the hand of the enemy in an unwitting and corrupt partnership. Oh how they will plead on the Day  that they never knew. That they were deceived or surprised. Excuses will profit no man. All are given eyes , but not all focus them properly because the deceitfulness of the riches of this world are a great distraction. To some , even to the destruction of their soul.

Keep Me close, be like the careful warrior. He knows he will gain victory over his adversary, but he is always fully aware of the capability of his foe. Do not let down your guard, keep the hedges of your camp in good repair. As you become more skilled in warfare, you will be able to discern the attacks before they will happen and be prepared for them. A well prepared warrior is free from the emotional trauma of the battle, he directs his armaments with confidence and the assuredness of the Victor. The enemy will then re-direct his attention to easier prey and will return only occasionally for a hopeful skirmish . Be warned that there must never be a hole in your hedge when he comes back, for this will cause the whole cycle to repeat itself, as is the case for many who are diligent for a season but then become complacent says the LORD.

Consider the Israelites and the amount of time they circled the same mountain. They kept a very untidy hedge. Even one hole would have produced the same situation, so the importance of the matter is clearly evident.

It is not so difficult as it appears, but patience and endurance do not come easy to those in the world. Faith is the key. Wear it, consume it, nurture it and this victory will be yours” says the LORD



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